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Our mission is for every college and university in the US and Canada to have a golf simulator available for students. Golf is the game of a lifetime, and golfers get better faster through the use of technology; simulators provide access to golf practice and play.


The establishment of the Nyman Golf Performance Center represents a significant milestone that distinguishes us from other NCAA Division III institutions. It not only enhances our program but also elevates the visibility of our institution. This innovative cost-value addition adds a unique dimension that students recognize as distinctive compared to other schools.

Dr. Scott Miller, President, Virginia Wesleyan University


Accredited institutions can receive discounts on our industry-leading launch monitors and simulators. Pending organizational regulations, financing and pay-per-day models are available.


All you need is power, internet access, and enough space to swing a golf club. Multiple player profiles can be created, leagues can be administrated, and users can play over 250 of the world's top golf courses.

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