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GC3 (Stand Alone) $6,500 Hardware + Base Software
GCQuad (Stand Alone) $16,000 Hardware+ Base Software + Club License
GCQ + GC3 $20,000 Hardware + Base Software + Club License
(Each additional GC3 = $5,000)
SIAB Play $9,500 GC3 Hardware + Ball Only Software + SIAB Components + FSX Play + Computer
(Each additional GC3 = $5,000)
Birdie SIAB $14,500 GC3 Hardware + Base Software + SIAB Components + FSX Play
(Each additional GC3 = $5,000)
Eagle Plus SIAB $24,000 GCQuad + Base Software + Club License + SIAB Components + FSX Play
(Each additional GC3 = $5,000)