GC3 - The Next Generation Launch Monitor by Foresight Sports


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GC3 Firmware

The GC3 and Launch Pro device requires the device to be connect to the internet in order to download and install the firmware update. This is not done through a computer through a manually initiated download and installation.


Release Date:
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.17.0.94
  • Update: Barometer Can Now Be Enabled (Select Enable/Disable From Device LCD Settings)
  • Update: Ball Data - Spin Axis Data Unlocked Without Subscription Required.
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.16.0.93
  • Updated: Purchased Club Addon - When Purchased, Club Data Fields will Display Without Subscription
  • Resolved: Memory Bug
  • Improvements: Firmware Update Efficiency
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.15.0.92
  • New Feature: Battery Calibration Health Check on Boot
    • Detects bad calibrations from older or current releases after FW update
  • Fixed calibration mode log spamming
  • Fixed calibration edge case condition where the unit would shut down due to low charge percentage before presenting the START button.
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.14.4.91
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.13.0.87
  • Updated Online Validation Notice Function
  • Updated Subscription Management Function
  • Improved Device Memory Function
  • Improved Battery Info Message
  • Improved WiFi Management Functionality
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.11.8.84
  • Improved Club Marker Function
  • Improved Display Presentation Of Long SSID Names
  • Added Locked Icon To Represent Connection To Locked Networks
  • Improved Network Handling
  • Misc Internal Facing Operations Updates
  • Misc Bug Fixes
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.9.0.77
  • Further Function Developed For GC3 Lite
  • Various Backend Improvements
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.8.2.76
  • Enabled Ball Only Function for GC3 Lite
  • Additional Improvements for Ball Lock In Far Corners Of Hitting Zone
  • Updated FSX LIVE Function For Data Reporting To Customer Portal
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.7.0.73
  • Substantial Improvement To The Ball Lock/Unlock Function.
    • Resolved Unlock Occurrence During Club Swing
  • Bug Fix For Rare Crash On Ball Lock.
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.6.0.72
  • Improved USB Connection Communication Times
  • Improved WiFi Connection & Validation Process
  • Improved Ball Lock & Shot Capture Function
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.5.0.2
  • Critical Backend Update
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.4.1.70
  • Resolved, Improved, & Optimized Several Concerns Related To The Device’s Accelerometer
  • Resolved, Improved & Optimized Wi-Fi Capabilities
  • Resolved Incorrect LCD Data Page Behavior
  • Improved Device Shot Processing
  • Optimized Battery “Charging” Flag
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.4.0
  • Improved Ball Lock Function.
  • Launch Pro Basic and Silver subscription feature unlocks for:
    • Ball Spin Axis.
    • Club Data.
    • Barometer.
  • Club Speed Now Shown As A Decimal.
  • Improved WiFi Function.
  • LCD Menu Disappears
  • Bug Fix: Improved Handling If Device Function Freezes For Any Reason.
  • Improved Battery Reporting & Charging Function
GC3 & Launch Pro Firmware v1.3.15.68:
  • Fix For The Ball Lockup Issue
  • Fix For The B4 Error 
  • Numerous WiFi Function Updates
  • Bluetooth On/Off Switch
  • Fix For The Real Time Clock Function
Included Updates From Previous Releases:
  • Improved USB Connection Function
  • Improved Ethernet Connection Function
  • Improved WiFi Connection Function
  • Improved Accelerometer Function
  • Improved Temperature Function
Please Note: The continued use of old software/firmware or reversion of software/firmware is not recommended unless specifically requested by a service representative.

Additional Resources

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: FSX Subscription Users & Launch Pro Device Users should contact Bushnell Technical Support, as their primary point of contact:

ONLINE: Request Bushnell Support
PHONE: 800.423.3537

GC3 Firmware Update

The GC3 has two methods available to update your devices firmware. Please see the guide to walk you through both.

GC3 Network Connection Guide

How to connect the GC3 to a Network via WiFi or Ethernet (LAN)

GC3 WiFi Network Guide

How to connect the GC3 to a Local Wireless Network (WIFI)

GC3 LAN Network (ETHERNET) Guide

How to connect the GC3 to a Local LAN Network (ETHERNET)

GC3 Device Registrion Guide

The GC3 Will Require Device Registration To Begin Use. Please See This Guide To Walk You Through The Process.

Launch Pro Device Registrion Guide

The Launch Pro Will Require Device Registration To Begin Use. Please See This Guide To Walk You Through The Process.

GC3 Connection Types & Related Applications

The GC3 supports multiple types of connections to Network and External Application. Please see this guide to reference all supported connection types and their related application.

Setting up Offline Hours

Please view this guide if you are having trouble activating a course or license for software online.

GC3 Device Menu Navigation

The GC3 Menu is very robust. Please see this guide to understand the details of UI Navigation.

GC3 WiFi Trouble Shooting

The GC3 WiFi offers quick network connection for your GC3 Device. Please see this guide to assist should you experience issues with your WiFi Connection.

Launch Pro Subscription Outline

The Launch Pro unlocks different features based upon subscription type. This guide will allow you to compare and see what is available to you.

Understanding Ball And Club Data Guide

An introduction to understanding ball launch & club data.

GC3: Saving Shots For Support Review

This guide will walk through the steps to take should you feel you are getting incorrect, inconsistent, or missing data on your GC3 device.

GC3 Network Connection Guide

How to connect the GC3 to a Network via WiFi or Ethernet (LAN)

GC3 Club Feature Addon

Instructions to understand how to enable & use the GC3 Club Feature Addon

Launch Pro Basic Subscription Guide

Walk through of using the Basic Subscription after purchase

Launch Pro Gold Subscription Guide

Walk through of using the Gold Subscription after purchase

Warranty Documentation

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GC3 Warranty Card

Full warranty terms and conditions for the GC3

GC3 CPO (Certified Pre Owned) Warranty Card

Full warranty terms and conditions for the GC3 CPO (Certified Pre Owned).

Bushnell Launch Pro Warranty Card

Full warranty terms and conditions for the Bushnell Launch Pro

*For Questions Contact Bushnell Golf Directly


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Hardware Diagnostic Tool (HDT)

The Hardware Diagnostic Tool (HDT) can assist to perform the following functions:

Release Date: